A Little Hypocrisy???

Check this out. What you will find is an article informing us that Rite Aid is upping the age requirement to purchase tobacco products to 21.  Walgreens “coincidentally” did the same thing on the same day.  

So where is the hypocrisy here? A couple of places. First, this move seems to suggest that it is safe and okay for people 21 and older to buy cigarettes. How can an organization that is increasingly trying to become a bigger player in “health care” offer up carcinogens for sale? Conversely, to their credit, CVS phased out tobacco products in 2014!!!

To sweeten the dose of hypocrisy, Rite Aid claims that it is doing everything it can to reduce the risk of smoking. Things like placing tobacco products in less conspicuous places in their stores, training pharmacists to counsel patients on smoking cessation, etc. Aw, c’mon!!!

Bottom Line. Let’s not kid ourselves. Or allow ourselves to be kidded. For chains like Rite Aid and Walgreens, tobacco is big business. But inquiring minds want to know. Should important links in the health care chain be selling products known to produce deleterious effects on their customers’ health?

Res ipsa loquitur!

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