A Hassidic Singer And COVID-19

Check this out.  What you will see is an important article that explains the importance of using community leaders to help to gain cooperation with public health measures, and to overcome “vaccine hesitancy.” Like. Using a well-known Hassidic singer to convince Brooklyn’s ultraorthodox community, suffering in large numbers with COVID but often unwilling to take steps to avoid becoming infected, to get with the program. Waving journal articles and high science lectures are far less likely to obtain compliance than are a few well-chosen words from someone who is trusted, especially in minority communities that have been demonized in terms of their health. Little wonder that even decades after the Tuskegee Experiment, that injected syphilis into unaware black men in the name of science, white men in white coats spouting science are still not trusted in the African American community. Nope. They trust their Preachers. Scientific knowledge doesn’t matter as much as “street cred.”  

Bottom Line. As this is being written, another significant public health experiment is being conducted in the U.S. Messages are being fielded to convince the 25% of Americans who are still vaccine hesitant that they should go get their “Fauci Ouchie.” Will these messages be appropriately tailored to specific audiences, such as our black and brown communities, and delivered by credible sources?  

We’ll soon see!  

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