A Bioethics Writing Contest???

Yup! Check this out. What you will see are the results of an annual contest which has students write essays on selected ethical issues. This year there were three. My favorite among them was the question as to whether candidates to be transplant recipients should move higher on the list if they and/or their relatives have agreed to donate.  

The winner of the contest opined that potential recipients should not be moved up the list based on their/their relatives’ agreement to donate. His argument?  

 “the intersection of market and moral values is a dangerous line.”

Bottom Line. Actually, I have two related bottom lines today. First, I think that it is really laudable to get students to immerse themselves so actively in bioethics. So many opinions on these important topics are formed rather slap dash, and having the entrants actually go out and conduct research to come up with their arguments has got to be a good thing for them, and for society at large, in the long run.

Second, I would like you to pick one of these three issues and craft in your head, or maybe even on your computer screen, your position on the issue and your reasoning behind it. At the end of the day, there are not a lot of philosophical areas more important than bioethics. Getting us, like these students, to take a rigorous approach to thinking them through has got to be a good thing.

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